Contest platform for architects from all over the world

The project “ARCH_TAIGA” was created as the platform for architectural contests for students and young architects. Every year our team finds a challenging task and asks designers from all over the world to find the solution.

The aim of the project “ARCH_TAIGA” is to improve the training process and to stimulate exchange of ideas between architects, designers, builders and ordinary people of Siberia and other parts of the world. The project participants have got the opportunity to bring their ideas to other cultures, and it helps to enrich their own knowledge and skills.

The project “ARCH_TAIGA” was created on the territory of Siberia. Our team sees great potential in economic and social development of this territory. Siberian cities are developing very quickly, the territory is being actively explored, for the recent 25 years the Quality of Life have increased manifold. In 2019 XXIX Winter Universiade will be carried out in Krasnoyarsk. We strive to help the citizens of Siberian cities to aware themselves as a part of integral society, to organize living environment, to give local architects the possibility to learn the ideas of international colleagues who offer their decisions for Siberian land.

The project “ARCH_TAIGA”

All the necessary information about the International Annual Open Contest of Architectural Ideas for Siberia “ARCH_TAIGA”: purpose and objective of the project, deadlines, requirements for projects and participants, etc.



Possibility for development of the territory with huge potential


We are always open for new and bright ideas


To stimulate sharing experiences between people from all over the world


Any person can take part

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